SafeCare Augmented®


SafeCare Augmented® uses motivational interviewing and other training to focus on three key outcomes that are universally important for families: creating positive relationships between caregivers and their children, ensuring homes are safe to reduce the risk of child injury, and keeping children as healthy as possible. Research shows this model: 

Reduces child neglect and abuse by fostering positive parent-child interactions, improving parenting behaviors, and increasing safety in the home by removing hazards. 

  • SafeCare Augmented® participation decreases frequency of child welfare reports related to domestic violence [Silovsky, J. F., Bard, D., Chaffin, M., Hecht, D., Burris, L., Owora, A., & Lutzker, J. (2011). Prevention of Child Maltreatment in High-Risk Rural Families: A Randomized Clinical Trial with Child Welfare Outcomes. Children and Youth Services Review, 33(8), 1435-1444.] 

Improves child health by building caregiver skills to recognize and respond appropriately to child illness. 

SafeCare Augmented® serves families in Lackawanna County.